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Our Mission

Welcome to Learnary, where your child's unique journey takes center stage. We believe that each child holds boundless potential, and our mission is to unlock it in ways that fit naturally within the family fabric. In a world where many therapeutic services are driven by insurance and standardized protocols, we take a different path. Our dedication is to provide truly personalized support, allowing us to embrace every family, irrespective of insurance status or specific diagnoses. At Learnary, we empower parents as key allies in the therapeutic journey, ensuring that the strategies we craft are both effective and seamlessly integrated into daily life. Our commitment isn't just to therapy—it's to your child's happiness, growth, and a brighter future.

Mother holding her daughter
Our tagline is "Early intervention, powered by parents". We believe that parents are the key to their child's success, and we work closely with them to provide the best possible therapy services.

Cayley Miles, M.Ed., BCBA

Meet Cayley, the driving force behind Learnary. Her academic journey began at SMU, where she immersed herself in psychology and applied physiology, sparking a deep interest into the relationship between the mind and body. Eager to further her passions, she earned a M.Ed. in special education, simultaneously acquiring her BCBA certification and completing her yoga teacher training.


Upon graduation, she worked for a unique center in Texas that harmoniously blended the skills of SLPs and behavior therapists under the Early Start Denver Model Curriculum. The magic of this multidisciplinary, play-based approach resonated deeply with Cayley, especially its strong emphasis on empowering parents.


Yet, a move in 2018 due to her husband’s profession brought a revelation: few centers embraced this holistic approach. After almost a decade as a BCBA, Cayley has found that due to the high number of hours insurance companies will pay for, ABA has become less about effective and meaningful outcomes and more about maximizing billable hours and keeping schedules full. Tired of being a bandaid in a system that reinforced reliance on professionals, Cayley envisioned a different way.


Cayley's uses her passion for play-based learning with her own daughters. Days with are filled imaginative play and outdoor adventures, including LOTS of time on the swing. Outside of her dedication to Learnary and family, she cherishes her runs, gym sessions, pool dives, and the escape offered by science fiction and fantasy books.

Picture of the Learnary Founding Director
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